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Feed your network™, COlunching™, CObrunching™, COdining™are trademarks owned by COlunching SAS.

For Professionals
COlunching provides advertising spaces and rental of advertising time to promote your products and services on the website colunching.com.
For Customers
COlunching offers a great public relations tool for arranging, organizing and conducting meetings at restaurants, bars and cafes for social entertainment purposes, and in particular meetings relating to culinary topics, at any moment of the day (CObrunching™breakfasts,  COlunching™lunches, COdining™diners and Feed your network™any meal any time of the day).
You may choose to join a meeting organized by Colunching in a selected restaurant, bar or café.
You may also become an organizer of a meeting in a restaurant, bar or café.
On the website colunching.com edited by COlunching, you will:
- find information on the restaurants, bars and cafes where meetings are organized;
- benefit of our daily enriched database by which you may find the people with whom you shared convivial moments thanks to Colunching along with the eating establishments where you entertained and enlarged your social network.
To summarize, COlunching offers you :
- an online social networking in the field of restaurants, bars and cafes ;
- an online social networking services in the field of organizing meetings at restaurants, bars and cafes;
- an on-line computer databases and on-line searchable databases in the field of social networking;
- a great tool to enrich your public relations.