Frequently Asked Questions

Feed your network™
On our site, members have the opportunity to enrich their personal and professional networks through organizing and/or participating in social meals at restaurants: Feed Your Network™!

COlunching™, CObrunching™, COdining™… each moment of they day offers an opportunity to feed your network, according to your needs and lifestyle.


For Professionals:
COlunching™, CObrunching™ et COdining™ are great public relation tools which allow professionals (coaches, recruiters, talent agents) to promote their activity through organizing events on a quality social network – dedicated to those who prefer real-life interactions over the virtual. Feed your network™ Events are promoted on the homepage of the COlunching™ website, on our Facebook page and in our weekly newsletter to ensure maximum visibility and exposure. COlunching™ website is also an excellent marketing tool for restaurants, offering high levels of exposure to a targeted audience.

For COlunchers:
COlunching™, CObrunching™ and COdining™ offers a simple way of meeting people and other professionals, be it:
When organizing social meals at a restaurant thanks to the website’s database containing a vast listing of restaurant addresses and venues, classified by city and cuisine type. COlunchers can also add their own favorite restaurants to the list to organize an event there. 
When participating in events organized by the COlunching™ team or other members, in one click, members can reserve their place at the table where they are sure to have a great time in a relaxed and sociable environment whilst feeding their network! 

What is COlunching™?
COlunching™ is all about communal dining- a mix of sharing unexpected encounters around a great meal. The concept of social networking has finally come to lunch in order to reinvent the tradition of civilized dining, with shared moments of conviviality that promote the art of conversation and culinary pleasure. 

Is it just lunch?
Lunch is just the beginning.  COdining™ and CObrunching™ or COwining are also possibilities for those who don’t have enough time during the lunch hour to leave the workplace.

Who can participate?
Feed your network™ is for anyone who likes meeting new people while sharing a meal.

Who can organize?
Absolutely anyone.

How can I organize a meals?
Just click “Organize” on the site, request a password, and then once you receive it you can enter the details of your event.  Then we work to spread the word.

 I don’t see the restaurant I want on the list, why not?
If you don’t see your restaurant choice on the list, simply scroll down to the bottom of the “My Restaurants” tab and click to add a restaurant.  Enter the details and we’ll upload a photo to the site immediately.

How much does it cost to attend?
You only pay for your share of the meal.  There is no fee to participate in a COlunch.

Do I have to make a reservation before organizing?
If you are organizing an event, yes, it is best to let the restaurant know in advance.  Meeting new people at the restaurant lobby and waiting 30 minutes for a table could be slightly awkward.

How can I edit my event?
Just let us know what the issue is at info [at] and we’ll edit it for you.

Can I invite friends?
Absolutely.  Everyone is invited, just make sure they RSVP through the site.

Why is the event capped at 8 people?

8 people is the suggested maximum for a Feed your network™event.  We find that meals with more than 8 people become unruly and less intimate.  That said, if you’re hosting an event and you want lots of people there and if the restaurant can accommodate, a 20 person COlunch or dinner could be great fun.

Why do I have to prepay for my event?
Sometimes we negotiate special COlunching™ prices that mean you pay less.  In order to do this, it is often necessary to pay up front for a prix fixe menu.  It saves a lot of hassle at the end of the meal as well when trying to divide up the bill.

There’s no COlunching™ in my area, can we change that?
Please! The idea is to create a global dining network, so just let us know where you are and we’ll add your city to the list.  We’re eager to have events organized absolutely everywhere to Feed your network™.

What if I have pre-paid for my COlunch but I cannot attend?
You can cancel your participation up until the last moment. Simply click on "modify my response" in the event page, and indicate that you will no longer be attending. You will be in credit for what you have paid and can use it for a future event. Just make sure you cancel BEFORE the event start time.

How can I change my RSVP?
View the event page in question and scroll down to "modify my response". There you can change your RSVP to indicate you will not be attending and this will also notify the COlunch organizer.

How can I find people to COlunch with that have similar interests?
Click on "All COlunchers" and there you can filter and search for COlunchers by the given options including location, profession, culinary preferences, languages spoken etc...

Is my personal information going to be displayed on the site?
Only what you choose to display. Your phone number and email are never displayed. You can choose how much personal information appears on your profile.

I am experiencing technical problems with the site. Who can help me?
Don't hesitate to email info [at] if you have any problems, or alternatively you can get in touch with your country's community manager

How can I modify my communication preferences to stop receiving emails, messages through the site, or the newsletter?
Simply go to “My Profile” then “Modify” and uncheck the relevant boxes in the “Settings” section

How can I permanently delete my profile?
Click through to your profile page, and underneath the bottom navigation strip in red, you will see a “Delete Profile” button at the lower right. Click on this to permanently delete your profile.

I want to block someone from attending my events, how can I do this?
Click through to the member’s profile page, and at the lower right of the red navigation strip you will find a button that says, “Block”. Click on this to blacklist the member.  If you are experiencing inappropriate behavior by other members, please report them to us, we take these matters very seriously.

Any other questions? Let us know at info [at]